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Our brand new shop for bridge articles,
starts with standard-bridge-articles (Bidding-Boxes,
Boards, Bridge-Playing-cards, and Bridge-Tables).
If theres enough interest
we will offer more articles very soon (Literatur, Fan-Articles, Software, etc.)

For technical purposes at this moment, its only possible,
to order the articles directly through the shop, if
the delivery adress is within germany.
If you are not from germany, just write down the articles,
you would like to have from our shop, and send an email
to bibo-zahlen@email.de, and tell us also
the delivery adress.
We will send you an offer by mail!
Enter the world of "BIBO-Zahlen".
Just look for your own strength in Online-Bridge (BBO), or look for the strength of your opponents.
See your national ranking for BBO-Players of your country.
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